Most times I figure no one gives a damn about who writes stuff on blogs. I know I don’t. But in the off chance you might be interested I suppose I’ll fill ya in.

I’m just a big, old fat guy from Kentucky by the grace of God. Most folks think people from my commonwealth (state, to you Yankees) are just stupid, barefoot, hillbillies. After reading my blog you might have those suspicions confirmed. But, like many people, I do actually care about some stuff and occasionally feel like I have something to say about it. So I write that stuff here. Most times I write stuff cuz I’m pissed off but occasionally I hope to include something more lighthearted.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide what my political bent is but Calvin Coolidge is my favorite president and Woodrow Wilson is the one I most revile. That should clear up any misunderstandings about where I come from.

I do hope that should you stumble across my ramblings that you find it interesting at least. You don’t have to agree cuz that would be boring if everyone thought the say way. Even though I know I’m right and you’re not. But agree or not, I’m always looking for feedback. Just keep it reasonably polite. But a little sarcasm never hurt anyone. So relax, take your shoes off (like a true Kentuckian), and enjoy. Hope ya find something worthwhile here.


8 Responses to About

  1. johnkeller35 says:

    “My understanding is the Bengals have internally already decided there’s no way they’ll stay in Cincinnati when the lease expires. Take it for what it’s worth”
    You left this comment on a site about the costs of Paul Brown Stadium…just curious was this just your impression of what the article implied or were you relaying something you may have heard from an “insider” source? My feeling is the former but I was just wondering.

    • bigoldfatguy says:

      Some of both, honestly. Mostly I look at the palaces being built since PBS opened and figure Bengals ownership will demand no less next time around.

      • johnkeller35 says:

        Thanks for the reply…I should have been a bit more direct….Did you have a source inside the organization that made you think that or is it just you connecting dots from this article?

      • bigoldfatguy says:

        it was a comment made by someone in the organization to a relative of mine. I know. We see this kinda stuff all the time so take it for what it’s worth 🙂

  2. johnkeller35 says:

    Your responses are like fortune cookie sayings 🙂 Not sure what you mean by “we see this kinda stuff all the time so take it for what it’s worth” Either way…I have a source in the organization as well who has told me they plan to be in Cincy for “many, many decades”. I just do not see them ever leaving.

    • bigoldfatguy says:

      I hope you’re right! I love the Bengals more than i should probably LOL. Original fan as a teen with my dad, and had season tickets from the start in ’68 up til 2002 when finances changed. I’d love to be more specific if i could but just not comfortable because of the people involved. Appreciate the conversation tho.

  3. johnkeller35 says:

    I hope I’m right too…I love that team! LOL. I promise this is the last I will ask of it but is kinda driving me crazy thinking about this:
    1,) Is this person higher on the totem pole in the organization or are they a beer vendor in the upper deck? LOL
    2.)Were they making this statement based on internal discussions or were they simply just making their own inference based on the climate of the league that we referenced earlier with modern palaces, Rams leaving STL, etc.
    I’d appreciate it greatly if you could shoot me an email so it can be a little more private than this forum. No names or titles have to be mentioned I’m just sullenly thinking about this and am hoping it isn’t as dire as you make it sound! Please shoot me a quick email at willthomas713@yahoo.com and I promise this will be the last I bother you about it.


    • bigoldfatguy says:

      I’ll be happy to email answers to your questions but i need to know it will stay between us and not repeated or publicized in any way at any time. I don;t mean to be cloak & dagger but need some assurances.

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